In 1997 starting my job in the MIDC I began my carrier. But my passion of Art does not let me do only the job.  So I started screen Printing & Lamination to satisfy my passion.

                In 2002, my dream came true into existence as I started my own workshop of 440 sq.ft. in Shahupuri 2nd Lane.

It was very necessary to frame the art pieces to make them effective & beautiful. Only art piece is ineffective without a good frame. So going with my passion & with the demand of the world of art, I started working on synthetic frames, Art Pictures, Art Mounts. In 2004 I opened my new gallery.

Nobody can stop destination hand in had with hardwork. In 2009 this gallery has expanded upto 3200 sq.ft. as “Siddhi Art Pictures & Frames” It’s near Subhash Photo Studio, Shahupuri 3rd Lane.